Scale name: Perceived Retirement Savings Adequacy 

Description: This 3-item scale taps the extent to which individuals believe they are saving adequately to support themselves in retirement.

Source: Hershey, D. A., Henkens, K., & Van Dalen (2010). What drives retirement income worry in Europe? A multi-level analysis. European Journal of Aging, 7, 301-311.

Cronbach's alpha: 0.79

Response format: Likert-type response format (1 = strongly disagree; 5 = strongly agree)

Instructions: Using the five-point scales provided, please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements. 


            1. Do you think you will have enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement?

__ Certainly not  __ Probably not  __ Maybe  __ Probably  __ Yes, certainly  

            2. I expect to have a good retirement income. 

            3. I am saving enough to retire comfortably. 




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