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Graduate Students

The Retirement Planning Research Lab accepts graduate students interested in studying the psychological basis of retirement. This includes studies of planning, preparation, and the work-to-retirement transition.  If you are interested in graduate research opportunities in the Retirement Planning Research Lab, please email Dr. Hershey directly ( Also, click here to see the Oklahoma State University psychology department graduate program website.

Professor Hershey is not accepting new students at this time

Undergraduate Students

Each semester the Retirement Planning Research Laboratory accepts a small number of undergraduate students to work as research assistants. We are looking for RAs that are hard-working, intelligent, and are curious about psychological research. Students are expected to be self-starters, detail oriented, and highly dependable. RA responsibilities include attending weekly lab meetings, conducting literature reviews, engaging in data analysis, and reading and discussing relevant academic articles. To apply for a position as a research assistant, please contact Dr. Hershey directly.

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